Our Mission

To drive local innovation through the support and empowerment of Arizona entrepreneurs.

We fulfill our mission through our four pillars:

  • Creating Meaningful Partnerships
  • Activating Our Community
  • Supporting and Empowering Our Youth
  • Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our Vision

To foster a vibrant and prosperous Arizona that puts local business and community enrichment at the forefront.

What We Do

Community Impact

Our Impact Day initiatives are volunteer-driven events in partnership with other Arizona charities and nonprofit organizations in need. From school beautification to youth mentorship or packing food bags for the hungry, our goal is to inspire giving and action that will directly contribute to well-being of local people and our communities.


Through our entrepreneurship programming, our goal is to support and bolster Arizona’s startup and small-business community. We provide free or low-cost educational opportunities for entrepreneurs, and award grant funding to small businesses in Arizona each year. Current programming includes the Entrepreneur Speaker Series, a high-level guide for starting a business or taking your venture to the next level and recurring educational and networking events.

Impactful Partnerships

We believe that in order to make the greatest impact, creative collaboration across segments and industries is key. Our foundation aims to be a catalyst for change and unification across Arizona by bringing together nonprofit organizations, public agencies, businesses, and individuals with common goals & hopeful resolutions for the community.

Want to explore a partnership? Drop us a line at foundation@statefortyeight.com


What an incredible second year for our Entrepreneur Speaker Series hosted at Walter Studios! This year’s series provided an opportunity for more than 300 Arizona entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and grow. And, thanks to the support from our community and partners like Ogeez!, we are awarding $25,000 in small business grants to a handful of attendees.

Missed this year’s series? You can watch the session trailers or full session recordings.

Our Impact


Entrepreneur Program Participants


Grant Funding Awarded


Arizona Small Businesses Funded


Impact Day Participants


Impact Days Organized

Our History

In 2019, State Forty Eight launched an initiative called State Forty Eight Community Impact, where volunteer-driven events were organized to support other local nonprofit organizations. In our first year, the movement managed to draw out more than 250 volunteers and donate more than $21,000 to local charities and nonprofit organizations.

In recognizing a desire from the people of Arizona to contribute and give back to organizations that make state forty eight a great place to live, we launched the State Forty Eight Foundation in 2020.

While the volunteer-driven Community Impact efforts continue, as an entrepreneurship-born-and-led organization, we felt called to support the entrepreneurs in the great state of Arizona. We want to eliminate competition, embrace collaboration, and foster a diverse ecosystem of small businesses and startups.

With your support, we hope to achieve prosperity for Arizona, its people and its businesses.


Entrepreneur Speaker Series: Session 4



Walter Studios at 747 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

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Annual Celebration Event



Heritage Square Phoenix - 113 N 6th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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Support Our Mission

You can directly donate to the State Forty Eight Foundation or any of our active fundraising campaigns with our charity partners by clicking the donation button below.

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Every purchase from the State Forty Eight Foundation shop helps further our mission to drive local innovation and inspire community action through the support and empowerment of Arizona entrepreneurs and its nonprofit organizations.

Did you know $1 per shirt from State Forty Eight collab shirts benefit our foundation? Thank you for your support, State Forty Eight!

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