Wearing premium quality Arizona brand t-shirts is a perfect way to showcase your love for the state. Read this blog for tips on how to choose them.


6 Tips For Choosing Quality Arizona Brand T Shirts

T-shirts are rarely a miss in anyone’s wardrobe. They’re your affordable go-to option if you want to break away from official shirts or blouses. You can wear them to parties, date nights, family reunions and gatherings, and sometimes to your workplace on a casual day. For the love of your country, you can even look into what t shirt brands are made in the USA and add them to your wardrobe.
The good thing about t-shirts is that they can go with any bottoms, including a pair of denim jeans, khaki trousers, high-waisted, pleated, or midi skirts, shorts, and overalls. You can even get more creative and wear one as a dress. Your winning point is identifying a reliable store that stocks quality Arizona brand t-shirts. Here are six incredible tips to guide you in your selection: 


1. Consider the color

Arizona brand t shirts come in a variety of colors. You can go for solid or neutral colors like white, black, navy, and gray or shouting bright colors like yellow, orange, red, and pink. Choose the one that best fits the occasion in question. For instance, if you’re wearing one to an all-girls party, a bright color should help brighten the mood. But for a casual day at work, the neutral hues should do.

The color goes hand in hand with quality. You wouldn’t want to buy brand t-shirts that fade out within a few weeks or months of wearing and washing. Go for color-fast ones that retain their original look for years.

2. Check the graphics and lettering

Another critical consideration is the graphic or wording printed on the t-shirt. Go for the professional-looking ones created by seasoned designers. Onlookers are always able to differentiate between novice and premium quality designs. 

Another option is to have custom-made Arizona brand shirts. Think about this if you have excellent design skills and are looking into how to start a tshirt brand Arizona. While at it, make sure to create graphics that truly portray the rich cultural heritage of Arizona State. If well done, you can create your own brand and start selling the shirts to Arizona residents and visitors. This could be an enjoyable and inventive way to make some. 

3. Confirm the fit 

Knowing your chest, arm, abdomen, and shoulder measurements will help you find the exact t-shirt that’ll fit you perfectly. However, this depends on your preference, whether you like oversized or undersized t-shirts. Regardless, choose a fit that you find comfortable. The good thing is that, no matter what size you are, you can never miss a perfectly fitting t-shirt. Generally, the sizes are categorized as small, medium, large, x large, 2x large, or 3x large.

Knowing these sizes is essential if you’re shopping for t-shirts online. Otherwise, if you’re purchasing from a local retail store, you can quickly try them and pick the best fit without necessarily minding the size categorizations.


4. Read the labels

Labels tell you about the specific features of a given t-shirt. They’re usually sewn at the side hem or on the upper back of t-shirts. First, they indicate the material your t-shirt is made from. Generally, 100% cotton is the best material for a t-shirt, but you could still consider blends with other materials like polyester. 

Second, labels give precise instructions on how you’re supposed to wash the t-shirt and iron it. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may spoil your quality Arizona brand t-shirt by undue stretching or color fading. 


5. Go for top-quality fabric

The quality of your t-shirt depends on the fabric it’s made from. To reiterate, most people love cotton because it’s durable, comfortable, breathable, and soft on the skin.  

Cotton also comes in varieties such as organic, combed, Pima, ring-spun, or blends. All these are viable alternatives. Aside from that, you could also explore other sustainable fabrics in the market, such as bamboo, viscose, and hemp.


6. Scrutinize the stitching

The stitching may seem minor, but it’s essential if you’re after premium quality. You wouldn’t want to walk around with hanging threads on your t-shirts. The stitch type also determines its durability. By all means, ensure our t-shirt features the zig-zag and mock overlock stitches, which are considered the best for t-shirts.



Choosing quality Arizona t-shirt brands requires a lot of keenness. If you’re only considering how much are t shirts, then you must begin looking at the material type, comfort level, stitching, graphic design, lettering, size, and the provisions in the label, among other key considerations. For best results, only shop at trustworthy stores with a positive reputation. At least this eliminates the possibility of purchasing counterfeit t-shirts.



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