College baseball has lots of followers. If you’re a fan, here are some of the sports shirts and items you’ll want to have.

Whenever college baseball season comes around, it is often accompanied by a rush of excitement from fans of the sport. Different analysts such as Chris Burke and Ryan McGee will have all kinds of insight to keep track of, giving people an idea of how the season will go. (1)

Some of these insights for 2022 are about the top preseason players to keep an eye on, such as Stanford’s Brock Jones and Mississippi State’s Logan Tanner. However, there are also underdogs or unexpected picks who might just surprise everyone this year, like Luke Hancock from Mississippi State and Nolan McLean from Oklahoma State. (1)

While analysts and casual viewers can try to guess what could happen this season, one thing you could be sure of is that you could show your support for your favorite team by getting baseball merchandise. That said, here are five must-have items for the avid college baseball fan:

1. A T-shirt Or A Replica Jersey Of Your Favorite Team

Wearing a T-shirt bearing a team logo is kind of expected whenever the college baseball season rolls in. Before thinking that ‘it’s just a T-shirt', remember how seeing fan support can affect how players perform. Putting a team shirt on can help boost your favorite team’s morale, especially when you’re going to the games since the players will actually see that people are rooting for them. It’s also great as a fan because it can make you feel like you are part of a solid fanbase.

You probably have a few preseason teams on your list to keep an eye on. For example, some forerunners like Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Stanford, and LSU will probably get a lot of supporters based on poll points and their 2021 record. If you want to support these teams, hyping them up by getting their team T-shirts can be a great help. (2)

Since there are 37 college teams competing this year, there are several teams to choose from. Getting a Texas Longhorns jersey might be standard to some, especially with how well they performed last year. Most notable is Ivan Melendez’s six-game home-run streak, which could make a Texas Longhorns Jersey with number 17 a solid replica jersey to have to mark the achievement. (3)

2. More Baseball Hats

If you’re a college baseball fan, you probably already own a baseball cap or two. However, you can’t go wrong with adding more to your collection. You can choose to buy a cap for the same team each year to show your loyalty to that team, or diversify your collection by buying a cap for a different team every season.

To go the extra mile, wearing a hat that matches a replica jersey to the games would be even more fantastic since you can really stand out from the crowd. It can have the logo, state, and team name to make sure that everyone can clearly see who you support. When the season is out, you could also put the matching merchandise up for display, which is especially good if you have a growing baseball collection.

3. An (Eco-Friendly) Water Bottle With The Logo Of Your Favorite Team

A water bottle is another great piece of merchandise because it can reflect your love and support for your favorite team. Aside from this, it’s also a practical item you can use every day. You can stay hydrated, and also show off your favorite college baseball team.

Reusable water bottles are also great because they cut down the use of disposable plastic bottles. Think about it; watching baseball in a stadium is one of the best things any fan can do, but at the end of every baseball match, there are usually tons of empty water bottles scattered everywhere. With a reusable water bottle, you support both your favorite team and help the environment.


4. A Baseball Lanyard

A lanyard is another practical piece of merchandise or collectible to have. Lanyards are affordable, and sometimes even available as a freebie, depending on where you’re getting them. A team lanyard’s motif will usually have the logo, team, name, and colors, make it easy to identify. Who knows, you might just get other fans striking up a college baseball conversation with you when they notice your team lanyard.

Lanyards are also practical items since they can help keep passes, phones, and small wallets secure. When it comes to spectating a baseball game, it can get rather rowdy and crowded. So, keeping your valuables safe is important. Thankfully, you can do this with a baseball lanyard of your favorite team to make sure that you’re supporting your team while also keeping your valuables secure.


With the college baseball season going on, a lot of fans are joining the excitement and buying all kinds of merchandise to show their support. Getting shirts, caps, and jerseys are some of the favorites that fans swear by since they’re practical, and it helps boost the players’ morale.


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