As we ready ourselves for another busy season here at State Forty Eight headquarters, we wanted to take a moment to take stock of what we have and share with you our “why”.
When we think back to the days of slinging T-shirts out of the spare bedroom of our childhood home in Chandler, and enlisting all our friends to be models—we’re pretty blown away at how far we’ve come as a small business (okay, okay… some of our friends are still modeling for us. But they’re good looking!).
What started as an apparel company promoting Arizona pride has morphed into so much more. Our vision was simple: Make T-shirts that people will like and show the world that Arizona is a pretty cool place.
But you, our customers and followers, really helped us raise the bar.It wasn’t long before we recognized the power of collaboration and community and realized that we can do SO much more for this beautiful state. So, we evolved our vision to show everyone that united we are stronger.
Your success, is our success, is Arizona’s success...and beyond. It’s a beautiful ripple. We are dedicated to this community and giving back to the people and businesses within it. From the desert adventurer, to the Diamondbacks super-fan and the local animal shelter, everyone has a story, a mission or a cause, and that’s what we want to showcase.
So yeah, that’s why we do what we do. And whether you’re wearing our apparel or attending our event—thank you, because you’re just as much a part of this as we are.