Places To Wear A Men's Short-Sleeve Hoodie

Short sleeve hoodies don’t get nearly as much credit as they should. Such versatile pieces of clothing should be front and center in today’s fashion trends.
The problem is that most men don’t know where to wear a short sleeve hoodie. Don’t worry, this guy will give you plenty of ideas for places to wear a men's short sleeve hoodie and some styling tips for each situation.


Places To Wear A Men's Short-Sleeve Hoodie

Short sleeve hoodies are some of the most versatile outfit pieces. They can be worn almost anywhere for any occasion.
Here are a few of the best places to wear your hoodie and how to rock the look.

One of the best places to wear a short-sleeved hoodie is to the beach or a boardwalk. It’s just thick enough to block the wind coming off the water but won’t overheat you in the sun. It also doubles as an easy cover-up if you plan to go swimming.
Short sleeve hoodies are ideal for jogging as you can throw them on over athletic wear. They’ll keep your body warm while working out but leave your arms free to regulate overheating.
They’re the shirt equivalent of wearing basketball shorts over running tights.
Short sleeve hoodies are a stylish way to dress up for a party without looking too formal. They’re comfortable but can be quite chic as well.
Try a short-sleeved hoodie with a pop culture image or contemporary design on it for extra pizzazz.
At Home
Short sleeve hoodies are the perfect blend of blanket, sweater, and shirt to wear at home for ultimate comfort. Throwing on a large sweater is always the best way to stay warm in the morning, during the day, or at night at home, but they can easily get too hot. Short sleeves keep you cool but cozy.
For A Photo Shoot
If you use Instagram or do some casual modeling, try wearing a short-sleeved hoodie in your next shoot for a new look. They are trendy but still unique enough to stand out well. They also present a fabulous opportunity to show off your arms without looking like you’re trying.
To School
Let’s be honest, you don’t want to put effort into what you wear to school, but you don’t want to stand out as a total slob, either. A short sleeve hoodie is a good way to mix things up without changing your whole wardrobe for one look.
To The Gym
Just like for jogging, short sleeve hoodies are the perfect thing to wear before and after a gym session. They’ll prevent you from cooling down too fast after a workout but won’t make you sweat more than your workout did.
At The Skatepark
While there’s nothing to suggest that skateboarding popularized the short sleeve hoodie, it does bear a striking resemblance to the boxy loose t-shirts of the 90s. So, why not update the fad with a cozier top?
Short sleeve hoodies make great skateboarding outfits.
In Winter
If you run hot or live somewhere temperate, a short sleeve hoodie may be all you need in winter. It’s also perfect for layering under jackets to keep your core warm but your extremities cool.
In Summer
Similarly, short sleeve hoodies double as summer wear if you run cold or live in a cooler climate. They add some extra padding and warmth without being smothering. They’re fabulous for windy places, too.
On A Casual Outing
If you’re hanging out with friends or going out for a casual date, a short sleeve hoodie can be a great way to show off your style in a relaxed and laid-back fashion.
Throw on a jacket to dress it up, or wear it alone to show off your arms or tats.

Tips For Styling

When styling a short sleeve hoodie, you have many options to consider. Depending on the occasion, temperature, and activity, you may wear your hoodie in numerous and vastly different ways.
Here are just a few styling tips to get you started. You can always experiment on your own, and don’t be afraid to try new things.
Layering is perhaps the easiest and best way to style a hoodie. One of the benefits of working with a short sleeve hooding over a long sleeve is that it gives you more options for layering underneath and above.
Jean jackets, leather jackets, fall and winter jackets, and even an additional sweater look good over a hoodie. You can keep it simple with a casual oversized jacket or add multiple layers to make a whole winter-proof outfit.
Beyond just putting more on top, you also have the freedom to wear clothes under the hoodie. While most of the time, a tank top or t-shirt will do, try wearing a long sleeve under the hoodie. Experiment with tight and loose sleeves to see what works best.
Dress It Up
Believe it or not, you can make short sleeve hoodies look more formal. Try a collared shirt under it with either short or long sleeves. This will turn it into a sort of sweater vest.
You can also add a casual blazer and wear it with slacks to get an almost formal look. A tighter sweater might work better in both cases to avoid too much wrinkling.
Dressing it up doesn’t only have to mean formal, either. You can also turn it into part of an aesthetic with the right combinations.
Wear ripped jeans with chains and armbands to make the overall look more punk. Add a beanie and overalls to get the high-end hipster look.
Dress It Down
Of course, dressing it up also means you can dress it down. Try a short sleeve hoodie and sweatpants for the ultimate cozy house outfit. Wear it with shorts and nothing underneath for a summer look, or be bold and try a cropped short sleeve hoodie for an even more daring look.
Oversize It
While there are situations when a well-fitted short sleeve hoodie is best, like when you want it to look neater and more formal, oversizing is also a valid option.
Not only does an oversized hoodie make for a super comfortable outfit, but it’s also very on-trend. Thanks to Korean boy bands, you can wear clothes three sizes too big and call it fashion. Pair your oversized hoodie with loose pants for a frumpy look and tighter pants for a clean look.

So, Where Can You Wear A Men’s Short Sleeve Hoodie?

The short answer is anywhere. While you may not get away with wearing a short sleeve hoodie to a wedding, you can use it for almost any occasion in daily life. It’s versatile, stylish, and super easy to pair. Are you looking for an awesome hoodie? Check out our selection at StateFortyEight!