Name: Mike Spangenberg
Title: Co-Founder
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Current SFE Favorite Product? Phoenix Children’s Hospital collaboration that helps raise money and awareness for Childhood Cancer.
What is the coolest thing about your job? Meeting incredible people throughout the valley and working with my favorite sports teams.
Favorite Arizona landmark/destination? It’s nice to escape up north to Flagstaff and cool off.
Favorite Arizona sports team? Cardinals.
Where is the best breakfast burrito in Phoenix? Elmers or Los Favoritos
What celebrity/historic figure (dead or alive) would you have dinner with? I would love to have dinner Marcus Lemonis so I can pick his brain on all his success.
What are you passionate about? State Forty Eight, sports and leaving behind a legacy.
What are you currently watching on Netflix? I love documentaries and I just finished “Last Chance U”.
Go to karaoke song? No way am I singing!