Everyone loves a snapback hat. They fit almost any head size and have the perfect combination of casual and cool to give any wearer an overwhelming aura of “chill.” These hats have quickly become one of the most popular outfit accessories for millennials and gen Z. 

But where did snapbacks come from? Maybe the god of bros pointed his finger at a beach boardwalk and said, “Let there be snapbacks!” Probably not. There’s a lot of curiosity surrounding snapback hats, where they came from, and how they became famous.

This article will trace back the origins of snapbacks and answer all your cap questions. In the end, you’ll know everything about these hats.  

Where Do Snapback Hats Come From? 

The modern-day cap came from baseball. Men had been wearing hats as a marker of wealth and formality for centuries before, so most of them were extravagant and not very comfortable. Those that were less eye-catching only served practical purposes like shielding your eyes from the sun. 
The New York Knickerbockers was the first sports team to adorn a specific uniform, and their hats were made from straw. 
The first iteration of a classic cap came from the Brooklyn Excellsiors when they decided to sport a hat design featuring a round top and a short brim at the forehead (instead of around the whole hat). 
This hat quickly became the go-to style for baseball players because it was easy to maneuver, light, and kept the sun out of the player’s eyes. In the 1930s New Era opened its doors as the first baseball cap manufacturer in the world. 
They designed a new style of the traditional baseball cap for the Cleveland Indians. 
snapback hats
The rest of Major League Baseball was so impressed by Cleveland’s new hats that many teams followed suit. By the 1950s, the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, and Detroit Tigers all had New Era hats as a part of their uniforms. 
New Era changed its design in 1954 to six-panel stitching instead of eight. This laid the framework for our modern-day snapback design. In the 70s, baseball grew to the height of its popularity, and everyone started wearing snapbacks. 
This style gained even more momentum when snapbacks found a place at the center of hip-hop culture. The famous rap groups like Run-D.M.C. and N.W.A. had their key members wearing snapbacks in music videos, interviews, and public photos. 
The following decades saw even more growth for the snapback trend. Famous sitcoms from the 90s and Supreme (clothing brand) in the early 2000s lead to more snapbacks in popular culture and more people wearing them. 
Now they are closely associated with skating, hip hop, sports, and many other aspects of popular culture. 


Are Snapbacks the Most Popular Type of Hat? 

With their popularity in several different areas of culture, it’s easy to conclude that snapbacks are still king in the hat world. They became mainstream in the 90s after a trend among Yankees fans caught on and spread like wildfire. 
Now you can see someone wearing a snapback every time you leave the house, regardless of where you live. As thetrendspotter.net put it, snapbacks are a versatile fashion choice worn by “connoisseurs, ballers, fashionistas, and cool kids” worldwide. 
Snapbacks are also incredibly adjustable, making them more approachable to people with different head sizes and hairstyles. This helps people who have long hair and like to wear it in a ponytail, bun, or a similar style. They can just feed their hair through the hole in the back of the hat.


Snapbacks Designs in Pop Culture

There are several different styles of snapbacks, and all of them have been worn by celebrities and fashion icons. You have the more hip-hop-influenced flat brim snapbacks that give you an urban look. You can also try a bent-brim dad cap for a casual accessory.
Several famous fashion brands have made snapbacks of their own. Italian design brands like Gucci and Louis Vitton released their snapback designs in the mid-2000—the 2010s and have had landmark success deploying them globally during fashion weeks. 
You’ll also find unique snapbacks like the frayed brim or a snapback made entirely from leather.  You also have options with the snap itself. It can be the classic belted design, or a buckle back, or even a zipper. 
For Pop culture, you’ll notice most celebs wearing them as a mechanism of anonymity. Famous actresses like Kaia Gerber and Meghan Markel will combine snapbacks with a long overcoat or a dark set of sunglasses to avoid chance encounters with the paparazzi. 
Rihana took back the snapback and pinstripes made famous by the Yankees with a snapback and striped suit. 


Snapbacks Vs. Trucker Hats

The internet has a lot of debate on the difference between snapbacks and trucker hats. Some people believe they are the same, while others will be offended if their hats are mistaken. For us, the most significant difference has to do with the material. 
Traditional snapbacks have solid material throughout with no see-through elements. Most trucker hats have transparent netting on the back half of the hat to promote ventilation. Other than that, snapbacks and trucker hats are exactly the same. 


What Styles Work Well with Snapbacks? 

The best part about snapbacks is their versatility. No matter how formal or casual, almost any outfit will be tied together nicely with a snapback. You can go with a classic flannel and blue jeans or add it as a relaxed cherry on top of your sundress. 
Just be aware of the impact they will have on your outfit. Snapbacks excrete chillness, so if you want to look fierce or unapproachable, they aren’t the best accessory. 
Adding a snapback to any of your outfits is basically the same as saying, “Yes, I’m dressed the way I want, but I’m also comfortable and relaxed.” 


Wrap Up

We hope our article told you everything you need to know about snapback hats. These accessories are for more than just a bad hair day. Try one of our snapbacks to get your style started!