Let’s say you’ve decided it’s time to get yourself a FlexFit hat. Wise choice, clever you, for lots of reasons.
But the next step is the one that will really demonstrate your smarts. Because you can buy a FlexFit hat lots of places. But why would you, when you can have a genuine Arizona FlexFit from State Forty Eight?
So as a public service, and because we want people on the street to look at you and say to themselves, “I would like to be like that person — I wish I’d bought my FlexFit from State Forty Eight,” as they throw down their non-Arizona cap in disgust and regret and kick it into the gutter, here are ...

10 reasons why you should buy your FlexFit hat from State Forty Eight


  1. Look at that visor. Just look at it! That’s Permacurve®, baby. Where else can you buy that much cool for less than two Jacksons?


  1. With six sturdy panels in that 3½” crown, our FlexFit hats are ideal for dropping on top of a rampaging scorpion, rendering him helpless while you make your escape. You can’t do that with a FlexFit in, like, New Jersey! (Note: Don’t try this with a rattlesnake.)


  1. Some of our FlexFit hats benefit causes, such as first responders. Sometimes the people who are always ready to help us could use a little help themselves. And thanks to Diamondbacks great Luis Gonzalez and the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation, 100 percent of the proceeds from our First Responders hats go through Gonzo’s Hometown Heroes Fund to benefit projects, programs and nonprofits that support police officers, firefighters and other first responders across the state. (That cap would go great with this tee.) Thanks, Gonzo!


  1. OK, we’re not saying Arizona is heaven, but we have it on good authority that the man upstairs outfits his angels in the SFE FlexFit Classic White & White. (If he does, he doesn’t order them from us. Guess he doesn’t need to. That’s OK. Besides, who would we complain to? Anyway, we’re just happy for the exposure.)


  1. That doesn’t mean our Black & Black is bad, necessarily. Just ... cool.


  1. And because none of us is good or bad all the time ….


  1. Speaking of exposure, if you live in Arizona or visit at the right time of year you may notice that some people put foam coffee cups upside-down on the tips of the branches of their cactuses. As tough as our prickly pals look, some are susceptible to cold winter breezes, and since they grow from the tips, freezing can hurt their chances. Sure, foam cups do the trick. But your cactus could be safe and stylin’. Just think how jolly your saguaro will look with an SFE FlexFit hat perched on each of its branches! (Some cactuses have lots of branches. Talk to us about a bulk discount.)


  1. Not ready for a cactus commitment? You can also just wear your cactus. Crazy!


  1. Of course, keeping your cactus safe doesn’t mean you’re not always on the lookout for adventure. Now, we’re not saying that wearing our FlexFit SFE Cliffs in charcoal tells people, “Stand back — I’m on my way to my next record-setting free solo.” But we’re not saying it doesn’t.

10. And finally, an SFE FlexFit is just patriotic. Our FlexFit hats are 55% polyester and 43% cotton. You may know that Arizona is a major cotton producer. But did you also know that another one of our biggest cash crops is polyester? That’s right! Our state is renowned for growing some of the highest quality polyester in the world. And every year at harvest time, workers head out into the fields of Arizona’s sprawling polyester farms protected from the brilliant sun by FlexFit hats from State Forty Eight. It’s become a tradition for them, and we’re damn proud of it. Now you know.