There are many options to style your Arizona brand tee shirts and look great in them. Read this blog to discover the secrets to styling you've been missing out on.


4  Secrets To Looking Great In Arizona Brand Tee Shirts

Rocking a t-shirt is among the best ways to look trendy. Moreover, wearing state-branded t-shirts is a sure-fire way of openly proclaiming your admiration of your place of residence and advertising your business. For contests and expos, branded t shirts usually say much more than the flyers and banners.  

This is why t-shirts are popular at such events. Your employees will carry the business's name to wherever they set foot. This kind of advertisement is called walking advertising. While at it, they certainly need to look great to portray the standards of professionalism of your firm. Having said that, here are four key secrets to looking great in Arizona brand tee shirts.

1. Know your body type

Understanding what to wear and how to wear it is a fashion hack to making you look great. Thus, you first need to understand your body type before putting on any Arizona branded t-shirts. You'll look stylish and professional in one that fully suits your body type. 

Undoubtedly, t-shirts are a quick dress-up fit for everyone, and most people like pairing them with jeans, trousers, or skirts. While it's a simple combination, perfectly matching the outfits to your body type makes the difference. Indeed, if you find the perfect fit, perhaps with a well-fitting button-down t-shirt, you'll successfully pull off a sharp look enough for a job interview. 

Some of the most generic body types are hourglass, inverted triangle, triangle, or rectangle. Dressing these body types is different. What looks good in an hourglass body type might not look good in a triangle body type. You wouldn't want your Arizona brand t-shirts to hang or look extremely big for your body. So, get the right fit for your body type, and you'll be sure to look great.

2. Select the right fabric

The quality of a shirt goes hand in hand with its fabric type. Thus, selecting the best fabric for your t-shirts is another way to ensure you look great. The materials vary widely, and each one has unique characteristics. If you're buying your Arizona branded t-shirts from a ready-made shop, first read the label to be certain of what fabric they're made from.  

This goes a long way to dictating the activities you might comfortably engage in while wearing the t-shirt. For instance, if you're having a sports day, a cotton t-shirt paired with your blue jeans will be perfect because this kind of fabric absorbs sweat. 

And if your main concern is how to make t shirts for your business, here are a few fabric characteristics you should know:

  • Prints work best in cotton fabrics
  • Cotton fabric t-shirts age better than the other fabrics
  • Polyester fabric has excellent elasticity and great impermeability

3. Play around with colors

The importance of color in dressing can't be overemphasized. You can choose a color depending on your personality or feelings for a specific day. For instance, if you're happy, wear something bright, like yellow; or if you're sad, you can wear something dark, like black; if you're feeling confident, you can wear red. Indeed, according to one movie designer, incorporating color in dressing her actresses was mainly based on their personality while playing a specific character. 

You also need to consider how to match your t-shirts with other clothes in your wardrobe. For instance, a black tee can be paired with almost all different colors since it's neutral. Moreover, you'll look great in a gray t-shirt matched with navy blue jeans. And if you're looking for trendy ways to wear your green military-shaded 7.62 t-shirts, a pair of gray trousers are enough to make you look like that service man you most admire.

5. Customize them to your taste

An excellent way to look great in Arizona branded t-shirts is to ensure they're well-fitting and your favorite graphics or wording is printed on them. Having them tailored specifically for you allows you to use your design, color, and correct body measurements.  

Many people wear casual clothes for various reasons, one of which is freedom. In the same way, the ability to customize t-shirts to your liking gives you the freedom to create your trends in clothing, mix and match, and make your original designs. 

Additionally, customization is key if you're into body-building. Your muscle size and shape may be unique to you alone, and thus you'll need tailored shirts, like the Alphalete Athletics apparel. If this interests you, make a point of researching who manufactures alphalete clothing in Arizona and approach them for tailoring your shirts. This will give you a chance to have the best and most trendy wear.


Now you know the top secrets to look great in Arizona branded tee shirts. Perhaps the discussion has got you wondering how many t shirt companies are there in Arizona. To say the least, there are dozens of them, and you may be spoilt for choice. Your winning point is choosing a reliable brand known to produce premium quality Arizona branded t-shirts.