Note: If you got here because you Googled “Arizona clothing company” but you don’t know what we mean by “the Valley,” this post isn’t going to do you any good. You’re still free to read it, of course — we’ll be tickled if you do — but if you’re looking for Arizona clothes and accessories that you don’t have to drive anywhere near Phoenix to get, you might as well shop online with our product pages. Just trying to save your valuable time, is all ...
With our name, it’s pretty easy to figure out what we’re all about, though you have to know a little American history to do the math part. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) And if you’re searching around for “Arizona clothes,” well … yeah, we do that. But while is a great place to start for great Arizona clothes, we aren’t the only place to find them. To paraphrase Tom Shane, “We have some friends in the Arizona clothing business.”
We’ll be happy to introduce you.

The Arizona clothing company you expect

If we wanted to sound modest here we’d start with … somebody else. Maybe everybody else. And then we’d come back at the end with, “and then of course, there’s little ol’ us,” implying that we think everybody else is more important and we deserve only a footnote. Businesses and retailers do that all the time, but you know what? They’re playing you! Because it’s a fact that the reader is more likely to remember what they read last, not first. So it is with great respect for our friends and guests who will be appearing later in this post, down there where they’ll stick in your brain long after you’ve forgotten what we said up here, that:
State Forty Eight has two locations under our own banner: in Chandler and in downtown Phoenix.
Chandler is where we keep our HQ. Not far south of the Superstition Freeway, it’s one of the handiest locations to see our merch live and up close if you’re in the east Valley. (Allow some extra time — there are some great eateries around there. Trust us, we know.)
You’ll find another SFE store close to the heart of downtown Phoenix. We’re proud to be one of the 10 local businesses with a home in The Churchill in the Roosevelt Row. Two reasons we like it are right there in The Churchill’s philosophy. First, we’re all “Desert born, desert bred.” And second, we all “... focus our efforts on collaboration over competition, finding ways to benefit each other.” Again, allow some time. You’re gonna love this place.
So those are the two places under our own banner. “But,” you’re asking yourself, “what about …”

SFE and baseball?

We’ve got that too, thanks to our hosts at Chase Field and Between the Lines. Let’s say you’re going out to catch a Diamondbacks game but you forgot to wash your prized, vintage, Luis Gonzalez #20 souvenir jersey. Leave it in the laundry, wear a cheapie and make your first stop at Chase the D-backs Team Shop. Yup. We’re there. And we’re also proud to be partners of both the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and Gonzo’s Hometown Heroes.
Can’t make it to a game? Offseason? You’ll find us in Scottsdale at Between the Lines, whose website, we’re proud to say, lists State Forty Eight ahead of New Era and New Balance. Yeah! And when that new gear you pick up has you all inspired to up your game, take a trip to Extra Innings Chandler for some training and batting practice. Our friends at EI tell us that some patrons who go to the Pro Shop first and walk out wearing an SFE crewneck report it makes the balls in the cages look much bigger. Just sayin’.
And here’s another way to improve your odds of finding just the SFE swag you’re looking for:

Place your bets on these SFE retailers

You might not expect to find an Arizona clothing company in a casino. So just so you’ll believe it when you see it, we have two. In the southeast Valley, you’ll find us in the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino. In the southwest, we’re at Vee Quiva. (Note: While our friends at Gila River Hotels and Casinos are happy when customers find the SFE merch they’re looking for in the casino shops, they caution us that the Feds would take a dim view of us telling you that wearing one of our shirts will help you win in the casino. So we’re not saying that. Not at all. No sir.)
Of course, there’s more to life than baseball and gambling. There’s adventure! And history! Basecamp for the first is Just Roughin’ It. Every piece of SFE apparel you buy from them carries this exclusive guarantee: If you’re doing free solo or trail riding or javelina wrestling and your SFE shirt becomes damaged, they will happily sell you another with no questions asked.
Need some historical perspective? Visit the Chandler Museum. Check out their events calendar first — they have a ton of them — and once you’re there, don’t forget the museum shop.
After conquering the great outdoors and finding your place in history, think of someone else to share your AZ enthusiasm with, then visit Gift-ology in Scottsdale or Sibley’s West in Chandler. Get ’em a nice card, maybe some candy or a candle, and wrap them in an SFE crewneck. (If you’re going to Sibley’s, hurry! Owners Michelle and John Wolfe are retiring and the place closes in June. Give them our love and thanks for their dedication to Arizona craftspeople and artists.)
Of course, after all that driving around the Valley, it’s important to know ...

The one Arizona clothing store that gives you gas

Finally we come to The Thumb, your gateway to the McDowell Mountain Preserve and so much more. “Just your average gas station” is anything but; legendary for food and gas (not in that order), service, convenience store items including lots of beer and wine selections, and of course, its Arizona-themed gift store, where SFE is proudly found.
Please join us in showing appreciation for these local retailers who are dedicated to supporting all things Arizona!