If you're looking for custom screen printing in Arizona and Google search "custom screen printing embroidery Arizona," you'll find there are thousands of custom screen printers out there. 
And they all claim to be the best.
But what they won't tell you is that State Forty Eight is the only custom screen printer in Arizona with an actual custom shop that can create custom clothing for you.
No one else can do this for you like we can. We have the equipment and machines to make custom embroidery and custom screen printing for anything in Arizona if you want it. SFE custom screen printing and custom embroidery employs its own professional custom screen printers and custom embroiderers.
"But wait," you're thinking, "there are other custom shops in Arizona too."
That's true.
But those places can't make custom clothing like we can because they don't have the right custom machines or equipment to do it. Plus, they don't have the most incredible designers and printers on the planet working on your one-of-a-kind design.


Our Shop

Our custom screen printing shop is big enough to handle any custom apparel order.
While it might not be as big as the Chase Tower in Arizona, it's definitely large enough to take care of all of your custom screen printing needs. And that gives us a much more significant advantage as far as custom embroidery is concerned than any other custom apparel company in Arizona!
We'll deliver precisely what you're looking for with our custom clothing because we have talented custom screen printers who know how to make your custom designs come alive in the most fantastic way possible.
Our custom screen printing equipment and special in-house custom machinery allow us to do whatever is necessary to create authentic handmade custom shirts, jerseys, hoodies, jackets, bags, or anything else you need for your business or organization.


What Type of Screen Printing Do We Offer?

State Forty Eight custom shop offers custom screen printing on your custom apparel. We can do custom logos, custom text, and custom images. But if that's not enough, here is a quick list of other types of custom screen printing/embroidery we offer:
  • Shirts
  • Hats
  • Masks
  • Outerwear
  • Tote bags
  • Anything else you need!

custom screen printing embroidery arizona

Looking for a unique way to fundraise or market your company?

Custom Hat Embroidery

If you're looking for cool hats, you need not look any further.
Custom hat embroidery is one of the coolest things we offer at SFE. It's also one of the best options if you have a custom logo ‒ because your logo gets attention from farther away.
The custom embroidery we offer on custom hats is limited only by your imagination. You can do custom logos, custom text, custom designs, or anything else you might want custom embroidered on a hat.

The designers at SFE work with you every step of the way, and since they're all experts at what they do, you know you and your design will be in good hands.

How Your Business Benefits From Awesome Screen Printing

If you think custom T-shirts are a good idea, then that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to custom clothes and custom shirts.
You could conceivably order custom sports uniforms, custom hoodies or jackets, custom polo shirts, or even custom cheerleading skirts in Arizona. The best part is that with the right design skills, you can print your logo on virtually any piece of clothing ‒ no matter how outlandish or crazy it might seem at first!
Get crazy. Get wild. Make your design truly your own.
If you're a business, stop boring your potential customers with terrible advertising and marketing materials. Nobody wants another fridge magnet or a pen with the name of your business. They want something cool and unique. Something they will actually look forward to using.
The custom T-shirts, custom jerseys, and everything else we make are high-quality and give your customers the best custom graphics possible. It's time you stopped leaving your custom screen printing and embroidery to chance and make it worth your money and your customers' time and energy.


Custom Screen Printing

Who would have ever thought designing custom screen printing and custom embroidery could be so easy to do (and fun)? We've done it for years, and we work with some of the most experienced graphic designers you'll find anywhere.
As a result, people worldwide come to us because they know quality custom products when they see them. And if you're looking for something out of the ordinary ‒ just ask! You'll be surprised at how well custom marketing efforts pay off!
The best part about what we do is that logos don't even need to be complicated to understand. You can express virtually any idea or concept with custom screen printing, custom apparel, and custom embroidery. It's a great way to show off your custom business team spirit!


What We Need From You

When it comes to custom screen printing apparel in Arizona, we are entirely open to anything you might need.
We will custom make or custom design anything you want so long as it's legal. Your custom requirements are vital to us, as is helping out the rest of the AZ community!
If you're interested in working with us here at State Forty Eight, then please give us a call, send us an email, write a letter, send smoke signals ‒ anything that will let us know about your custom clothing needs. If you already have your own design, that's awesome! We can work with what you have, even if it's not already in a high-quality format.
If you don't have a design yet, that's all right, too! Come with your ideas, and we'll work together to make it happen.
No matter where you're at in the design process, we'll be happy to offer any advice that comes to mind and work toward ensuring all of your custom embroidery shirts and screen printed custom tops look precisely how you envision.