Arizona is a beautiful state with endless activities and gorgeous weather. Besides the Grand Canyon, the Copper State is also known for its fascinating history, delicious dining, and various cities. To enjoy everything Arizona has to offer, you must dress appropriately for the weather.

Arizona clothing essentials include tees, tanks, sweats, hats, football gear, and locally made unique clothing. Let’s take a closer look at an Arizona wardrobe that suits the climate while expressing state pride.

Types of Clothing 

While you can wear any clothing in Arizona, it is best to err on the side of light clothing and bring clothes for layering.


Stick to light tops, such as tank tops or short-sleeved shirts. In some cases, you may find a light button-down to be a good choice.


Shorts and light skirts are the go-to bottoms in Arizona. You can wear long pants or skirts, but usually only in the colder months.



Light dresses are a great choice for warm weather. In the winter, you can add tights to stay extra warm. Rompers and jumpsuits can also work well in Arizona as long as they are not too tight.


You will likely not need a giant parka in the winter. However, it is a good idea to have some form of outerwear with you in Arizona. Often, a light jacket will be enough at night, and you will likely only need outerwear during the day in the cold months


The types of shoes you need in Arizona will depend on the season and your planned activities. Since hiking is a popular activity in this state, bringing hiking boots is a good idea; just ensure your boots can handle rugged terrain.

Some good walking shoes are a good idea if you are wandering around a city or doing other related activities. Sneakers or similar shoes will serve versatile purposes. Bring along dressy shoes if you plan on going somewhere fancy.

Sandals are key if you plan on swimming. However, avoid wearing them if you plan on hiking or participating in similar activities.


Hats are essential in Arizona in all seasons. They provide valuable protection from the sun and protect you from the cold in the winter. With a wide-brimmed hat, you will fit right in during the summer. A hat, such as a beanie, would also pair well with an outfit in Arizona.

Season-Specific Clothing

While many people think of Arizona as an arid desert all year round, the state has four distinct seasons. For optimum comfort, it is essential to know what to wear for the weather.

The whole state of Arizona also does not have the same climate. It contains many different microenvironments, including high-altitude deserts, cool plateau highlands, mid-altitude deserts, and low-altitude deserts.

Higher altitude areas can often have colder temperatures than lower areas. The most humid part of Arizona is the southern part of the Colorado Plateau.
Spring and Summer
Arizona temps can range between 45 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit in spring and summer. As a result, you should have a variety of clothing that will keep you warm or cool, depending on the weather.

The summer day can get extremely hot. So, it is essential to dress as lightly as possible and carry a light jacket for cold nights. Tee shirts and tank tops will usually do the trick in terms of tops, and shorts or a light dress work well. In general, avoid tight clothing.
Arizona usually has temperatures between 50 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit in the fall. So, it is a good idea to dress flexibly. Try to choose clothing that works well for warmer temperatures. You can always pair your outfit with a light jacket. The fall is also a central time for Arizona football. So, it is the perfect time to dress head to toe in clothing that represents your favorite teams.
Temperatures usually range between 35 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. An Arizona winter is warm in the persistent sun and cold in the shade and at night. So, it is a good idea to dress in layers. For optimum coziness, many people favor hoodies and sweats in the winter.

While you can wear short-sleeved shirts in the winter, it is a good idea to wear long pants. Shorts are often not warm enough for the coldest days in Arizona. Plus, long pants will protect against the plethora of cacti you will find in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not wear in the desert?
Since a desert has specific conditions, it is vital to dress appropriately. Failing to do so can be uncomfortable and dangerous. While you should wear loose-fitting clothing in the desert, avoiding dresses or overly flowy skirts is best since they can be impractical. Tight clothing can make you excessively hot.
How can I protect my skin in Arizona?
The air in Arizona can be quite dry, and that quality, combined with the relentless sun, means your skin can be prone to issues, including dryness and skin cancer. Wear sunscreen, sun hats, and other protective clothing to protect your skin in Arizona. It is also essential to moisturize your skin regularly and avoid exposing skin to excess heat.
What fashion is popular in Arizona?
Since so much of the clothing in Arizona is dictated by comfort and staying safe in the climate, much of the popular fashion in Arizona is resort-inspired. Accessories in this state often find inspiration in the traditions of natives from the area. Many Arizona citizens proudly display clothing related to their favorite local sports team.
Final thoughts
Getting the full Arizona experience includes finding clothing that works well for the Arizona climate. While comfort is essential, using your clothing to honor Arizona culture and activities is also fun. With these essentials for an Arizona clothing wardrobe, you can have a blast in the Grand Canyon State.