Like many of you, the past few weeks since the outbreak of COVID-19, have brought on a new set of challenges. We’ve had to shift how we operate and find ways to connect with our community that don’t put anyone at risk. Like many local businesses, we’ve chosen to close all our locations and are operating exclusively online in order to ensure the health and wellness of our customer and employees.

While this experience is not an easy one, we want to encourage you to stay positive and lift each other up! With this in mind, we were inspired to bring you something new.

To promote "togetherness" and positivity, our team has designed a new unisex T-shirt to support the community during COVID-19. The T-shirt, a comfortable black crew neck, comes with the pocket-size State Forty Eight logo in the front and the statement "Distant Yet Together" displayed on the back across a globe.

Not only does this serve as a symbol of unity during a time of social-distancing, but 50% of proceeds from each shirt will benefit the Local First Arizona Foundation and Matthews Crossing Food Bank -- two organizations that benefit the sectors being deeply impacted right now, and whose work is supporting local businesses and our neighbors-in-need across the city.

We understand that buying a new T-shirt may not be your priority right now, but if you are able to offer support, this is a great way to contribute to a local business and two very impactful causes.