We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our retailers. In this blog series, we’ll be introducing you to local Valley business who are some of the biggest State Forty Eight supporters.
Located in: Tempe, AZ
Tell us about your business: A true to style brewing company since 1996
Years in business: 21 years
What sets your business apart? It is a very saturated market for craft beer, but we do it well. We are not super trendy, but we are always reliable and no matter what we try it is quality, balanced, and good.
How long have you been working with SFE? We just began. Shirts hit the stores on June 18th.
What do you like most about working with SFE? Honestly, the quality is good, the designs are great, but the people is where it’s at!!
What is your favorite SFE item? Biased for the lady tanks we brought in—the Kilt State Tee is pretty great!
What do you love the most about Arizona? I love the heat, I love the grit it takes to stay here. I love the outdoors, and activities. I love the natural wonders we are surrounded by, and the fact that within a few hours you can go from desert to woods, to dunes and canyons.
Where can people find you?
www.fourpeaks.com or on social media.
You can also find me in the pub drinking a beer ?