It takes a group of talented, hard-working individuals to run State Forty Eight. Everybody adds something different to the equation, so through SFE Spotlight, we’ll be introducing you to all the different personalities that ultimately make our company what it is.
Name: Stephen Polando
Title: Co-Founder
Hometown: I was born in Detroit, but Chandler is my hometown. I love both.
Current SFE Favorite Product? The Destination Flexfit has been my go to hat for quite a while ?
What is the coolest thing about your job? I get to see ALL of Arizona and its beauty. Tons of long drives, both in the city and throughout the state. It really makes you appreciate this place?
Favorite Arizona landmark/destination? It has to be the Grand Canyon. Antelope canyon is rad but the Grand Canyon is humbling. It makes you feel so alive but also reminds you how small you really are.
Favorite Arizona sports team? The day the Cardinals win the super bowl will be the best day of my life.
Where is the best breakfast burrito in Phoenix? Plot twist: I don’t like Mexican food ?
What celebrity/historic figure (dead or alive) would you have dinner with? Steve Yzerman. Nobody else is close.
What are you passionate about? Helping people. I’m a recovering alcoholic and I will drop everything to help others that struggle with addiction. I also love hockey.
What are you currently watching on Netflix? Man, I just binged so hard--until 7 am--the new season of “Love”. Totally worth it. Great show.
Go to karaoke song? Plot twist 2: I don’t sing, I play “The Scientist” by Coldplay on the Piano. If I’m forced to sing I rap Regulators by Nate Dogg and Warren G though.