You can still support the Arizona Cardinals even if you can’t watch the NFL live. Read this blog to find alternative ways to do so. 


5 Other Ways To Support The Arizona Cardinals If You Can’t Watch NFL Live

The Arizona Cardinals are a professional football franchise based in Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve been part of the National Football League since 1920 and have been competing in each NFL season since then.

If you’re a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, you may be eager to show your support for them. One of the main ways you can do so is by watching their games live. However, it’s not the only way you can show your support.

The Arizona Cardinals have a global following, and not everyone will be able to watch their games live. But there are other ways of supporting them. Not only will some of these methods help you get news, updates, analyses, and other significant developments about the team, but they will also ensure that you’re part of the community of fans that follow the Cardinals.

This article discusses the different ways you can support the Arizona Cardinals below. 

1. Buy team merchandise

The team makes money off of the merchandise sold, so buying merchandise from them is a great way to show them support. With the revenue generated from the sales of their merchandise, the team can continue to grow and have access to resources that help them improve their performance in games. You can add a jersey from the current season to your collection of team merchandise and keep it as a souvenir.

Alternatively, if you can’t buy jerseys or other official team merchandise, you can still wear the team’s colors by getting Arizona custom shirts printed with the team’s logo, the team’s name, or even your favorite player's name. You can easily find an Arizona shirt company that’s willing to print shirts that can help you show support to the Cardinals. This isn’t limited to Arizona V-necks and shirts, by the way; you can customize other items as well, like mugs or stickers. This will help increase the team’s visibility. Who knows? With time, you might be able to convince more people to start following the team as well.


2. Join an online fan club

There are online communities dedicated to individual NFL teams, and joining one of these is a great way to connect with other fans who love your favorite team as much as you do. You can easily search for an Arizona Cardinals’ fan community on social media or other online platforms and join one that suits your preference.

In online fan communities, people share opinions, stats, analyses, and other news, so you can expect to be informed about everything regarding the Arizona Cardinals and other teams in the NFL. You will not only be supporting your favorite team, but you’ll also be increasing your knowledge of the NFL. (1)


3. Stream games online

Another easy way to keep up with the Cardinals is by streaming their games online. You can also watch out-of-market preseason games so you don’t miss out on any of their games. Many fans stream the games online or use an app to watch them. In that way, they get all the excitement of cheering on their favorite team without having to leave their home or office. So, by streaming the games online, you won’t miss a single play and can enjoy the games from anywhere with internet access. (2)

In addition to streaming the games, you can read up on updates of the Cardinals by visiting the team’s website. It’s full of news about their upcoming games, stats from past games, and how each player is doing so far in the current season. The website is also a great place for fans to interact with others who share their love of football.


4. Follow the team on social media

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to support your favorite sports teams is by following them on social media. The Arizona Cardinals have an official Twitter account, where they share game updates and news about the team. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram, where they post behind-the-scenes photos and videos of their players and staff. (Note: The NFL does not permit streaming during games, so don’t expect to see any live footage on their social media accounts. (3)

It takes all of two seconds to hit the Follow button. When you do so, you'll get updates from the team whenever they post something new. You won't see game highlights or anything like that, but it will at least keep you somewhat up-to-date.

5. Listen to live commentary 

This is a popular option among sports fans, and it's easy to see why. By listening to live commentary, you can still get to experience the game in real time, even without watching it. If you only want to listen to the Cardinals’ games, you can count on radio stations based in Arizona. (2)

You can also use the team’s official app to listen to their live commentary stream instead of the radio (this is especially recommended when they play local games). This helps generate more traffic to the Cardinals’ app. (2) (4)



Whether or not you can watch the Cardinals games live on a local channel, there are several other ways you can support the Arizona Cardinals, as discussed in this article. You can watch streams of the games; buy team merchandise or customized Phoenix, Arizona T-shirts; and follow the team on social media for updates, among other things. All these methods can help the team grow its fanbase and generate more revenue. 



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