Spark some excitement by wearing your support of Arizona State University Sun Devils Football and quarterback Jayden Daniels on your sleeve. 
State Forty Eight has new shirts inspired by No. 5 Jayden Daniels Arizona State Quarterback. Showing Sparky the Sun Devil and ASU’s pitchfork logo, these shirts telegraph a love of Arizona, Arizona State, and Jayden Daniels’ brand of collegiate football. 
If you’re a fan of QB Jayden Daniels’ passing game and root for the maroon and gold, why not dress the part? 


Jayden Daniels News 

The ASU junior from San Bernardino, California, has been making headlines this season as he’s powered the Sun Devils to the top of the Pac-12 South.  
Because of new NCAA rules regarding student athletes’ names and likenesses, QB Jayden Daniels can benefit from endorsements and the sale of items that include his name and likeness.  
ASU QB Jayden Daniels signed a name and likeness agreement with State Forty Eight. With this agreement, Jayden Daniels and Arizona State receive a portion of proceeds from these creative and spirited T-shirts from State Forty Eight.  
With a winning season at ASU, Jayden Daniels is rising in Heisman Trophy consideration. There’s also debate about whether Jayden Daniels will be a star in the 2022 NFL Draft


Jayden Daniels Stats  

With more than 370 career completions and more than 5,150 passing yards, Jayden Daniels’ QB performance includes scoring more than 26 points this season and more than 50 in his career. 
Ranked 72nd among 130 college quarterbacks by Pro Football Focus at the start of the season, count on ASU QB Jayden Daniels to rise in ranking along with his completion rate and points scored. Daniels has a low rate of interceptions this season. Pro Football Network has already recognized Jayden Daniels’ talents, ranking him 18th. 
This Sun Devil is shining in 2021. Jayden Daniels has passed for more than 1,507 yards for six touchdowns and three interceptions, according to Jayden Daniels’ ESPN stats. 


Arizona State Football 

The Sun Devils have a bright forecast for the 2021 football season, with AZCentral noting predictions of Arizona State and QB Jayden Daniels winning the Pac-12 title and heading to either the Rose Bowl or Fiesta Bowl. 
SportsLine’s projection model predicts Arizona State to be the best Pac-12 team this season, AZCentral reports, and so far, the Sun Devils are living up to that forecast. The sound you hear Saturdays around Tempe is the roar of Sun Devils fans when Arizona State wins their home games. 
Wear your State Forty Eight Jayden Daniels ASU shirt at Sun Devils Stadium, and sport State Forty Eight gear when traveling to away games to properly represent the maroon and gold. Show the world your Arizona State University pride and cheer on the Sun Devils and ASY QB Jayden Daniels with one of these comfy, well-designed shirts.  
Arizona State hasn’t won a national football championship since 1981, but Herm Edwards and ASU QB Jayden Daniels are looking to change that this season. If the Sun Devils make their way to another national championship, then one of State Forty Eight’s Jayden Daniels ASB QB shirts could become collector’s items for Arizona State fans.  


Jayden Daniels ASU Designs 

State Forty Eight’s Jayden Daniels QB shirt comes in Arizona State’s colors of maroon and gold as well as in black with the State Forty Eight and pitchfork logo.  
The creative designs differ along with the T-shirt colors. The maroon Arizona State Football shirt includes a background of the State Forty Eight logo, showing Arizona pride, an outline of Sparky the Sun Devil, and a sketch of QB Jayden Daniels rushing toward the red zone, all in ASU gold.  
The black T-shirt has the State Forty Eight logo, an outline of the state of Arizona, an image of Jayden Daniels ASU QB looking to connect with a receiver, and the ASU pitchfork, all in Arizona State maroon and gold.  
Whether you’re heading to Sun Devil Stadium to watch ASU win or going to Old Town Scottsdale for a post-game celebration and tequila tasting, one of these cotton crew-neck T-shirts will have you showing your Arizona State spirit in style. 
jayden daniels arizona state qb sun devils football shirt

Founded on a love of the great state of Arizona, State Forty Eight’s AZ gear represents the state’s lifestyle, community, and pride. These Arizona State University T shirts featuring QB Jayden Daniels fit right in with the rest of State Forty Eight’s T-shirts, outerwear, tank tops, and bottoms.  
Women could pair one of these ASU QB Jayden Daniels T-shirts with a pair of State Forty Eight leggings or biker shorts and be ready for the tailgate party or yoga class. Men can add one to State Forty Eight fleece shorts or acid-washed joggers and be ready for the next Sun Devils game or going out for an iced coffee on the weekend. 

Touchdown, Sun Devils Football! 

Don’t let the relaxed lifestyle Arizonans enjoy fool you. Arizonans are anything but relaxed about their pride in the state they call home. They’re pretty vocal in their support of Arizona State Sun Devils football, too.  
Wearing AZ-proud Sun Devils gear is a sure conversation starter wherever you go. These standout Sun Devils shirts will take you everywhere, and you’re sure to get comments from new friends who are Arizona State fans.  
The Sun Devils’ 2021 football season is shaping up to be one for the history books. Why not cheer on Arizona State and ASU QB Jayden Daniels by wearing one of State Forty Eight’s new T-shirts saluting Jayden Daniels and the Sun Devils?  
You’ll have it now as the Arizona State University Sun Devils march toward a Pac-12 championship. Hopefully, you’ll need it for a Sun Devils bowl appearance, too. Maybe even a national championship! 
Show your Sun Devil pride and prepare for their winning ways early by adding one of State Forty Eight’s Sun Devils football shirts to your wardrobe. It’s what Arizona’s best-dressed will be wearing all season long.