Do you love Arizona and want to show it off to the world? Read more to know how you can wear your state with pride.

The Arizonan’s Guide To Wearing Your State Pride

There’s always something special about the place where you grew up. One of the largest states in the USA, with its world-famous geographical sites and desert climate, Arizona has an estimated population of around seven million. People visit Arizona from all over the world. Arizonans have so much to be proud of when it comes to their home state. (1)


Remarkable things about Arizona

It’s the 48th state in the USA and the sixth-largest out of all 50 states. Out of all states, you could argue that Arizona has some of the best warm climates and scenery to show off. (2)

Arizona is home to some fantastic sights and attractions. For starters, the area has some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Arizona is known for its desert climate and cacti-filled hiking trails. It’s also known for stunning rock formations and landmarks, like Sedona, the Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater, and Antelope Canyon. Most notably, Arizona is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon! (3) 

With all of this in mind, there’s no shortage of things to love about Arizona.
Wearing your state on your body is a great way to show pride in your roots. Whether you’re visiting or moving to a place, or you’d love to show your patriotism wherever you are, or maybe you just love Arizona. If you're any of these, here’s a guide on how you can show it by wearing it.

Where to get Arizona-themed clothing

Branded and themed clothing is a common trend in modern society. With all of the commercial clothing brands out there, it’s refreshing to give your clothing a touch of home.

At State Forty Eight, you’ll find a selection of clothes and apparel. All are decorated with attractive designs related to Arizona, its history, and its lifestyle. Their clothing and apparel have great quality clothing, with selections suited to men, women, and kids. Moreover, they’re available online and in retailers.


Style your top

Your top is probably the first thing anyone notices when looking at your outfit. That makes your top the perfect place to showcase your patriotism for Arizona.

State Forty Eight has a large selection of stylish Arizona-themed tops for people of all ages and sizes. They have Arizona t shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies—you name it! All are the perfect place to wear your Arizonan pride. 


Pair it with bottoms

Pants are essential wherever you go—road trips, cycling, hiking, a day out with friends, or a social gathering. All of these activities present you with an opportunity to wear your favorite Arizona-themed bottom. Bottoms are often more subtle, making them a great way to flaunt the state on days when you’d rather not go overboard with big designs. 


Finish with some accessories

Accessories are a great way to add something extra to your outfit or look. Additionally, depending on the accessory, they can add a big or small hint of Arizonan pride to your outfit. Examples of accessories include:
  • Hats. Almost anyone could benefit from having a hat around, especially for those hot days when you’re taking a hike under the Arizonan sun.
  • Bags. If you generally carry more than you can fit in your pockets, the chances are that you already carry a bag regularly. Why not switch to carrying those things in a bag sporting an Arizona-related design? That way, you’ll always have something with you that shows your pride in your state.
  • Stickers. Stickers are pretty versatile. You can put a sticker on anything such as your car, computer, water bottle, phone case, or anything else that you regularly have with you.
  • Wallets. Perhaps you’re looking for something small that you’ll always carry. Consider a wallet. Every time someone notices your Arizona wallet, you’ll have the perfect conversation starter to tell them everything you love about your home state.


These are just a few of the accessories that could add some Arizonan flare to your everyday life. 



Support Arizona’s sports teams

Sports are incredibly popular. This is especially true in the USA. In 2021, around 57.5 million people in the United States watched sports. This statistic is expected to grow to over 90 million over the next few years. (4)

If you’re a sports fan in Arizona, that means you probably support the local teams for your favorite sports. Arizona has several professional sports teams. Namely, the Cardinals for football, Phoenix Suns for basketball, Diamondbacks for baseball, and the Coyotes for ice hockey. One of the best ways to support your team is wearing an Arizona souvenir t shirts Phoenix, or other team-themed Arizona t shirt. 

If you’re attending a game with a group of people, you could even wear a full team-themed outfit by finishing it off with a bottom.

Show off your favorite Arizona landmarks

Sports aren’t all there is to Arizona. As mentioned earlier, Arizona is home to many landmarks that people come from all over to see. If you’re looking for something less specific than a sports team, landmarks and other things unique to the state are a good idea. 

Great examples are the Grand Canyon, cacti, cactus wren, and Arizona sunset designs. Designs like these are an excellent way to show pride for Arizona as a whole without denoting any particular team or school. Perfect for tourists or visitors who may want to remember their trip to Arizona. That said, such designs are also an option for Arizonans who may not be into sports but still love their state.



If you’re proud to be from Arizona, one of the best ways to show it is with what you wear. Show your pride for the state by wearing clothes sporting designs of Arizona’s sports teams, landscape, and famous attractions. Before you know it, your friends and family will be asking you where they can get Arizona-themed outfits of their own.

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