First impressions matter. As a small business owner, you get the opportunity of making a great first impression every time a new person sees your logo or product. Will the color scheme stand out to them right away? Is it easy to figure out what you offer? The art & branding package for small business by SFE guarantees that your first impression with possible customers will be impactful. 
The right branding package can help you make an unforgettable first impression. And a second and third one. Branding packages for small businesses are a key element of a successful marketing strategy and can hugely influence sales and success.


Why Is Branding Important for Small Businesses?

Small businesses have a unique advantage. They can connect with their audience in ways major chains can’t. For 43% of consumers, shopping at a small business is a way of getting high-quality items. Plus, people know they can usually get much better service.

But let’s face it. Being the small fish in the pond comes with a few drawbacks. One of them is brand awareness. You don’t have the budget to run a nationwide marketing campaign or the advantage of having a brand that’s been around for half a century or more.

The good news is that you have a secret weapon: loyalty. On average, 82% of people are willing to pay more to support small businesses. Consumers definitely see what you offer as valuable and worth supporting. The key is to build that loyal customer base that will generate repeat sales and help you grow through word-of-mouth marketing.

This process starts with a highly recognizable brand.

What Does Successful Branding Look Like for a Small Business?

Branding packages for small businesses should focus on the following areas.

Your Business’ DNA

The most successful small businesses have a particular niche. You know your audience better than anyone and know what values and business persona will resonate with them.

Your branding should reflect what sets you apart from the big chains. Tell your audience what your business is about. Don’t hesitate to take risks and develop a unique personality. You can be funny, irreverent, passionate, humble, confident, or cool. Just be yourself.

By putting the unique personality of your business forward, you can use branding to tell a story. Storytelling is how you can form a strong connection with your audience and deliver experiences people will remember. It can become a powerful differentiator and inspire loyalty if you can make people feel something.


Tell People What You Do

There is a practical dimension to branding packages for small businesses. Good branding should inform people about what you offer at a glance. We recommend avoiding cryptic or overly abstract logos that don’t immediately tell people what kind of products or services you offer.


Be Consistent

It takes five to seven impressions for customers to remember a brand. The problem is that these impressions have to be consistent enough for people to connect them.

You need to be consistent with the different elements of your branding. The banner you use on your official Facebook page should reflect the color scheme of your website. The same logo should appear on the different channels you use.

As businesses use several channels to reach out to customers or use a mix of online and brick-and-mortar sales, consistency is more important than ever for recognition and brand awareness.


Professionalism Matters

DIY marketing isn’t an option once your business reaches a particular growth stage. Your branding shapes the first impression people have of your brand, and you want that first impression to be a positive one.

Just like you would put more effort into your outfit for a job interview or a first date, you need branding that feels clean and professional. It sends a message that you are trustworthy and delivers a quality product or service. For instance, small things like using vector files can make a huge difference in making your logo look crisp and prevent pixelation.

branding package for small business

Why Choose our Art & Branding Package for Small Business

We are SFE, or State Forty-Eight, since Arizona was the 48th state to join the union.

We chose this name because of our strong connection to our community in Chandler, AZ. We’re a small business just like you. We’ve designed T-shirts for Grand Canyon University so that locals can display their support for the Antelopes. Also, one of our objectives for 2021 is to grow our State Forty Eight Foundation, a non-profit that supports entrepreneurship and youth mentorship.
We live and breathe local. We’re familiar with the challenges small businesses face, and we know what it takes to stand out in your niche.

Plus, we have an extensive background in design. We’re primarily an Arizona clothing brand with many tops, hats, and other products featuring designs inspired by our state. Take a look at our online store to see the kind of colorful and expressive logos we’ve created in the past.

Graphic design is a way for us to express our passion for our state and community. We can do the same for your business by creating branding packages that reflect your unique DNA, whether you’re in Arizona or elsewhere.

How Does the Process Work?

We’ll do an initial consultation call to learn more about your business and your ideas for the branding package.

We usually ask about your values, mission statement, what you offer, and the kind of branding strategies you’re already using. Plus, you can send us all your branding requirements so we can create a branding package that adheres to your guidelines for colors, fonts, and more. Like we said before, consistency is essential.

We’d love to hear about your ideas and see some inspiration photos. You know your business better than anyone and probably have a vision for where you want your branding to take you. Tell us about it, and we’ll make it come true!
The design process takes 10 to 30 days, depending on the size of the project. You can ask for up to three rows of revisions once we deliver the finished product.

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