Are you obsessed with the state of Arizona? Were you born in Arizona and never want to leave? If so, you can show your state pride with the best Arizona clothing brands from State Forty Eight. 
This company was first founded after founder Mike Spangenberg spent his childhood unable to find any shirts, hats, and hoodies with sufficient Arizona imagery or state pride. 
As such, he vowed to change this in the future and create Arizona clothing brands that show kids, teenagers, and adults what it means to represent State Forty Eight.
To achieve his dream, Michael partnered with his two friends Stephen and Nicholas. By 2013, they founded the State Forty Eight clothing store. This shop is based on these three friends’ passion for Arizona and their desire to share their state pride with other Arizonians. 


Our Store Has Tons of Apparel with Arizona Clothing Brands

Have you taken a peek at the apparel available through our online shop? You’ll see that it’s way more than a couple of t-shirts with pictures of Arizona landmarks. Feel free to take a look right now and come back, or check out our apparel after finishing this post.
Instead of purchasing only a t-shirt, you can also get a hat, a duffle bag, water bottles, polo shirts, a dog leash and collar, a robe, or even a pair of shorts. 
Our store also has fanny packs you can buy or even an infant onesie if you’re looking to have your child gain some state pride from the moment of birth.
Store State Forty Eight has clothes that will make you blink twice! You’ll wake up and see our gorgeous clothes stand out among the rest. 
In Arizona, you’ll have everyone talk about how great your shirts are and how that cozy hoodie has awesome landmark images. The comfortable fabric and quality manufacturing will ensure these clothes last for years.
Furthermore, our clothes come in loads of different colors! Have you ever wanted to paint your living room or bedroom and spent days wondering what color to choose? 
We at State Forty Eight incorporate all the colors of the rainbow and are looking to use the entire spectrum of colors to represent the people of Arizona.
As we kept trying to expand our catalog to represent all the people of this state, we’ve seen so much diversity and found our colorful rainbow has a very wide spectrum. After a short rainfall, our very sunny state exhibits that beautiful rainbow.
As we moved forward, we learned that our store is about much more than Arizona clothing brands.


We Are More Than Arizona Clothes

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the country. As such, it’s big enough for lots of variety and differences to take place within our borders.
We’ve got plenty of different people living in our state, so we’ve got loads of varying cultures. While this is one of the youngest states in the nation, we’ve got cultures going back many centuries.
As such, we wanted to represent these cultures in a responsible and caring manner. Some of our Arizona clothing brands will showcase cultures such as:
  • Mexican background
  • Native-American heritage
  • Healthcare workers
  • First responders
  • LGBTQ pride
We also love to represent our many sports teams, such as the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, and Arizona Coyotes. We also love to highlight our higher education institutes including:
  • University of Arizona
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Arizona State University
  • Grand Canyon University
Furthermore, our cities and suburbs mean the world to us. We want everyone to have pride in where they come from, so we provide apparel that displays cities such as:
  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Scottsdale
  • Chandler
  • Tempe
  • Flagstaff
  • Mesa
  • Gilbert

Furthermore, our clothing brands display various images representing Arizona, including the sun, flowers, clouds, cactuses, snakes, skulls, canyons, and mountains. Furthermore, every single piece of our clothing has an outline of our state borders.


Why Our Apparel Is the Best in Arizona

There is no doubt that State Forty Eight’s Arizona clothing brands bring a sense of belonging and community to those who wear them. 

Whether someone likes to wear fashionable clothes or wear clothes showcasing their favorite sports teams, you can’t go wrong with the apparel in our online store. You might even find a hoodie or tank top that is sure to become your favorite.

You’ll find that our clothes are both comfortable and fashionable with options for both men, women, and children. You’ll even find dog leashes for man’s four-legged best friend. 

Best of all, you will get to wear clothes that represent your home and provide you with pride in your community. Wear these clothes proudly and enjoy the State Forty Eight logo as a reminder of where you’re from.

Furthermore, we try to give back to our community. We think of ourselves as more than a clothing brand.

Arizona clothing brands

We Stand for More Than Arizona Clothing Brands… We Stand for Arizona

We believe that there is more to be done than to show all the good things Arizona stands for in our clothing brands. We wanted to do some good as well. 
As such, we created the State Forty Eight Foundation. Some of the money you spend on our clothes with Arizona logos will go to our foundation where we will partner with others and boost community action.
There you go. With your purchases, we can make a difference for the future of Arizona. As such, our clothing goes beyond the apparel itself and moves toward investing in the people of this state.



You won’t find any other Arizona clothing brands that match our impressive and high-quality apparel. You will find clothes for all seasons. 

In the spring and summer, wear a new pair of shorts and comfy t-shirts. In the fall and winter, pick out one of our windbreakers and sweatshirts. 

If you want to show your state pride, grab yourself a t-shirt, sweater, long-sleeved shirt, or polo from State Forty Eight.