Here at State Forty Eight, we are a little obsessed with our pets. And our customer’s dogs. Oh, and cute videos of dogs becoming best friends with other dogs! And... really any dog that comes into our general vicinity. 
We’re also in love with the current bandana dog collar craze. This simple accessory is fun, affordable, and perfect for any size or breed of dog. It also makes them even cuter, which we weren’t sure was possible. 
When considering a bandana collar for your precious pup, you need to take into consideration not only your dog’s general activity level but what they will be doing while wearing the bandana. It’s essential to think about and be aware of general safety concerns associated with this. 


What Are Bandana Dog Collars? 

Bandana dog collars can be as simple as a patterned kerchief that you tie to or around your dog’s collar.  
There are also some bandana collars for dogs that come as a single accessory. This type of collar is a hybrid between a traditional collar with a buckle or clip and a cloth bandana. In addition, the bandana has a sewn-in loop that slips over the collar, so the two remain connected. 


Benefits of Buying a Bandana Dog Collar 

If you aren’t the type of person to dress up or clothe their dog, buying a bandana might seem like a silly waste of money. 
However, there are actually several benefits to buying a bandana for dogs for both you and your best pal. 


They Can Keep Your Dog Cool 

For starters, getting a bandana collar for your dog is a great way to help them stay cool when they are out in the heat. 
Here in Arizona, the summer temperatures typically like to hover around 100 degrees. While humans can strip down to a tank top or bathing suit and let our bodies sweat to keep cool, our dogs don’t have that option. 
Dogs not only have a more difficult time keeping cool naturally than humans do, but they also have a high risk of suffering from heatstroke if they get too hot. 
Thankfully, there are various cooling products out there you can buy to help keep your dog cool, including vests and mats, but none are quite as affordable as the bandana collar. 
Ready-to-buy “ice bandanas” are usually made from cold-sensing fabric that quickly cool down and resist absorbing heat. To activate these types of bandanas, you need to get the collar wet, wring it out, and then place it on your dog’s collar. 
Some bandana collars have frozen gel inserts similar to an ice pack. These bandana collars will slowly lose their coolness as your dog wears them, and they take a while to freeze back up, so they might not be the best longer-term option. 
You can also DIY a cooling bandana dog collar. An option that works just as well as pre-made bandana collars involves simply rolling up ice cubes or small ice packs in a bandana your dog already owns and tying it around their collar. You could also wet a plain bandana and let it sit in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes to let it cool down before putting on your pup. 


A Bandana Can Protect Against Skin Cancer

Did you know that dogs can get skin cancer just like we can? Although genetics in dogs is considered the number one risk factor in your dog developing skin cancer, too much exposure to the sun can also impact. 
Just as it is important for us to wear sunscreen and sun-protectant gear like hats and sunglasses, sun-protectant items like bandanas are important for our dogs. This is especially important if you have a light-skinned or short-haired dog and if your dog will spend a day with you at the beach or out on the boat. 
Most are made from breathable fabrics like cotton that put your dog’s comfort first. Simply turn your dog’s bandana around, so it protects the back of their neck and shoulders. 


They Are Affordable 

Cheap dog bandanas are easy to find at your local pet store, grocery store, or online. 
For a combo collar/bandana, the price goes up a little. However, the benefit of spending a little more for one complete piece is that you won’t accidentally misplace the bandana. 


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It Is A Fun Way to Express Your (And Your Dog’s!) Style 

Younger generations in the United States have proven that they want to provide their dogs with the best of the best. The best food, the best toys, the best clothes, the absolute best life. 
Bandanas for dogs come in hundreds of prints, patterns, and styles which are a great way to express your style or match with your dog’s collar and leash. 
If you are into matching clothes, or you want to coordinate outfits with your dog for, say, a family photo shoot, purchasing a bandana with a similar print or color scheme as your outfit is a great way to go. It’s also just a fun way to make sure your dog is included. 
Bandanas can be used as little items of celebration as well. For example, you can get festive on holidays like Halloween or Christmas with a corresponding bandana for your dog, or you can bust out a special birthday bandana to celebrate the next year in your dog’s life. You can incorporate bandanas for your dog into any celebration.


Don’t Bark at This Tail Waggin’ Trend 

Bandanas are a stylish, trendy accessory for your dog that has the added benefits of being affordable and practical. They can make it easy to identify your dog in a busy dog park, help you crank up their cuteness for a family photo shoot, or even protect them from the relentless Arizona sun. 
There are hundreds of options to choose from, but don’t be overwhelmed! As long as you pick the right size and supervise your four-legged best friend while they wear it, you can’t go wrong.