Non-profit organizations are often in need of funds, and some of the best fundraising ideas for small non-profits is to ask people to donate. There are many ways you can fundraise for non-profits, but some methods may be more effective than others (like collaborating with State Forty Eight). Below you will find Forty Eight different non profit fundraising ideas that can help with raising money.

Our Favorite Forty Eight Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

1. Car Wash

Organize car wash non-profit fundraisers and ask businesses for sponsorship or donations.

2. Craft Fair

Sell crafts, baked goods, and other hand-made items at a fundraiser.

3. Golf Tournament

A golf tournament is one of the great non profit fundraising ideas especially for Arizona non profits.

arizona non profit fundraising ideas

4. Gala

A black-tie dinner is an upscale way to raise money in your community.

5. Garage Sale

Have a garage sale to raise money for your non-profit.

6. Egg Hunt

Hold an egg hunt for your kids and ask their friends to donate.

7. Foot Race

A foot race can be a fun way to raise funds for your non-profit organization.

8. Book Sale

Organize a book sale fundraiser and sell donated books.

9. Raffle

Hold a raffle where the prize is a donation toward your cause.

10. Casino Night

Hold a casino night and ask for donations or sponsorship from companies in your area.

11. Trivia Night

Hold a trivia night and ask for donations for everyone interested in participating.

12. Silent Auction

Hold a silent auction fundraiser and sell donated items to raise funds.

13. Concert

Organize a concert and ask for donations from local bands in your area.

14. Chili Cook-Off

Hold a chili cook-off like the one on TV and ask for donations or sponsorship from ingredients suppliers and local businesses in your area.

15. Festival

Organize a festival and ask for donations or sponsorship from local companies and bands in your area.

16. Penny Wars

Hold a penny wars fundraiser where you compete with other non-profit organizations selling jars of pennies to raise funds.

17. Dog Show

Hold dog show fundraisers and ask for donations or sponsorship from local pet stores.

18. English Tea Party

Have an English Tea Party fundraiser where people pay for admittance and participate in games, buy raffle tickets or make donations.

19. Show & Shine

Organize a show & shine fundraiser where classic cars are displayed, and people bid on the vehicles they like the most, with all of the proceeds going towards your non-profit.

20. Musical Evening

Organize a musical evening fundraiser with local bands where all of the proceeds go to your non-profit organization.

21. Free Doughnuts Day

On a designated day in your area, give away free doughnuts and ask for donations.

22. Run/Walk

Organize a run or walk to raise funds for the non-profit you represent.

23. Dance Marathon

Hold a dance marathon fundraiser where people pay to watch dancers participate in activities throughout the day, with all the money going towards your cause.

24. Chalk Art Walk

Have a walk where everyone walks down the street and writes about an important issue, with chalk art created to raise awareness for your cause.

25. Poker Tournament

Hold a poker tournament where the entry fee is the donation amount, and there are prizes for the top three players.

26. Disc Golf Tournament

A disc golf tournament is an inexpensive way to raise money.

27. Free Coffee Day

On a designated day in your community, give away free coffee at different locations throughout the day and ask for donations.

28. Bake Sale

Organize a bake sale fundraiser where baked goods are sold to supporters in your area or have people bring their items to sell for donation.

29. Biathlon

Organize a biathlon fundraiser where athletes race to raise money for your non-profit organization.

30. Talent Show

Hold a talent show fundraiser where local people can show off their talents or hold an imitation contest with participants dressing up to imitate celebrities for a donation towards your non-profit organization.

31. Art Walk

Have an art walk where artists come and display their work, and the artist whose work raises the most money wins a prize.

32. Spelling Bee

Hold a spelling bee where participants need to make donations to participate, and the person who raises the most money wins.

33. Extra Yard Sale

Organize an extra yard sale fundraiser and sell donated items at discounted prices, with the proceeds going to your non-profit cause.

34. Celebrity Guest Night

Hold a celebrity guest night and ask for donations in return for the opportunity to meet and greet and get autographs and pictures with the stars involved, with all of the money going towards your non-profit organization.

35. Cookie Dough Sales

Sell pre-made cookie dough for people to cook themselves at home.

36. Bowling Tournament

Organize a bowling tournament where all of the money raised goes to your non-profit cause.

37. Darts Tournament

Organize a darts tournament fundraiser where all proceeds go towards your non-profit cause, and the winner gets a prize.

38. Paper Drive

Hold a paper drive fundraiser where you ask people to donate their used paper and turn it into your non-profit as a way of recycling.

39. Money Tree

Sell decorated money trees for donations, with the profits going towards the non-profit organization you represent.

40. Lip-Sync Competition

Get people in your community to lip-sync, and the person who raises the most money for your non-profit wins.

41. Ice Cream Social

A casual ice cream social is a fun way to bring supporters together and raise funds for your cause.

42. Pancake Breakfast

Organize a pancake breakfast fundraiser and ask for donations or sponsorship from local companies in your area.

43. Vegas Night

Organize a Vegas night to raise funds for your non-profit where the price of participation is a donation.

44. Bagel Breakfast

Organize a bagel breakfast fundraiser and ask for donations or sponsorship from local companies in your area.

45. Supper

Hold a supper fundraiser where people pay to eat dinner at a local restaurant, with all proceeds going towards your cause.

46. Wine Tasting

Hold a wine tasting fundraiser where you ask local wineries or liquor stores to donate samples of their products for people to try, with the proceeds going towards your cause.

47. Hold Auctions

Hold auctions for donated items and have bidders compete for prizes.

48. Collaborate with State Forty Eight!

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