Located on: 72 S. San Marcos Place in historic Downtown Chandler
Tell us about your business: Sibley’s West was started to celebrate the creativity of more than 200 Arizona artists and small businesses through unique gift items. We feature more than 4,000 items in our store – all from someone from here!
Years in business: We opened in December 2010.
What sets your business apart? The Arizona focus. We boast gift items, large and small. Everything from pottery and candles to prickly-pear jellies and candies, jewelry, apparel, soaps and lotions. People love hearing the stories of our suppliers and like their products as a memento of Arizona.
What do you like most about working with SFE? We are proud to be SFE’s “hometown” store, being an early retailer and one that strives to feature as many designs as possible. We especially like keeping the guys busy, with sometimes two deliveries a week! We are proud to see how hard they’ve worked to build a business!
What is your favorite SFE item? The State Flag Tee, of course!
What do you love the most about Arizona? We love the variety and diversity of artistic talent throughout the state. In our store, we have the chance to meet the artists and tell their stories through our YouTube channel. What strikes us is the quality and individuality that our suppliers put into their products. They are producing items everyone is familiar with, but they are doing it in a unique--Arizona-centric—memorable way.
Where can people find you?
www.sibleyswest.com or at you favorite social media platform.