At first sight, you might see our State-Forty-Eight-branded clothing and think we’re just a clothing company that promotes pride in Arizona. 
Who doesn’t love a state with its own Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures and that changes people’s lives forever after they view The Thing? And have you seen all that desert out there? Stunning. 
No, our clothing company isn’t just about making clothing that promotes pride in Arizona; it’s about being a part of a community. 
Here at SFE, we take the idea of community seriously. We are more than just an Arizona clothes website. 
It’s not all just a bunch of kumbaya around a campfire. It’s not even about everyone wearing SFE-branded clothing (although we happen to think it looks pretty cool when everyone does). Instead, we weave our sense of community into the very fabric of our Arizona clothing company.
Ooo. See what I did there? Everyone loves a good clothing pun. 
Right. Back to community. 
“A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social web network. It’s about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role.”—Yehuda Berg
SFE thinks being a part of our community is about more than our geography. It’s about working together to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s why our mission is about something beyond the clothing we create.
Okay. Here comes the part where we tell you what our actual mission is. Promise us you won’t tune out like Charlie Brown when his teacher starts to waa waa waa. Ready for it? 
Our mission is to enrich and strengthen Arizona through thoughtful partnerships, inspired community action, and investment in the changemakers of tomorrow.
How exactly do we do all that with Arizona clothes? Glad you asked.
We follow through with our community mission by doing four specific things:
  • Creating meaningful partnerships
  • Activating our community
  • Supporting and empowering youth
  • Fostering entrepreneurship

Our Partnerships

At Arizona, we feel that providing services to others is important. That’s why SFE does a lot of fundraisers and volunteer-driven events. 
You won’t find us going door to door selling chocolate bars (sorry if you were hoping for door-to-door chocolate). However, we do have events like our May Giveback, where eating, drinking, and shopping with certain vendors all month results in community spending. 
Our partnerships bring together non-profit agencies, businesses, and individuals across Arizona to reach common goals.
In our first year, we motivated over 250 volunteers to come together for common purposes. Some of the money we make goes back into our foundation to provide youth mentorship and entrepreneurship programs. 
In 2020, we had enough to put $43,000 back into our community in other ways through local charities and non-profit organizations.


Activating the Community Around Us

Another goal at Arizona is to help mobilize our community to inspire change in the world around us. 
We like to show the community around us that they can be a part of the change that happens in the world. When the community has a vision and passion for how the world around them should look, they can create the change that they want.
When we create events that involve the community, like our Poker Tournament Fundraiser, we invite other sponsors to join us. Leading community action events inspires others to leap to action. 
If we spend a day building houses for Habitat for Humanity, we ask you to join us. 
Activating the community is like a grownup version of follow-the-leader, only you hope others break out on their own to help others after following your example. 

Empowering Our Youth

Many of our community youths don’t know what to do with their lives. However, when we empower our youth and create a stable community for them, it can be a cure for their loneliness and give them purpose. 
We know it sounds American cheesy, but youth is our future. We want to work together with our community partners to give them tools to make sure that their futures are good ones. 
SFE works together with our community partners, offering mentorships and workshops to teach youth practical life skills, promote positive self-esteem, and instill strong leadership skills. 

Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Becoming a big and powerful company isn’t our goal at Arizona. Instead, we seek to share information and bring local entrepreneurs together. 
We want to instill a sense of warmth in our community.  We also want to highlight each individual’s effort and responsibility to the community as we work together for the common good. 
While we like seeing people wear our Arizona clothing, we certainly don’t think we should keep our entrepreneurial secrets to ourselves. A community is more than just one business, and we want to see your business succeed alongside ours.
Seeing our whole community succeed is why we offer various entrepreneurial professional development events and programs for other entrepreneurs. We provide Arizona’s startup community with education and resources to get beyond just starting up.
We also partner with incubator organizations to support individuals. Sometimes you need a little help hatching all your vision and dream eggs, right? If you have a dream, we can help connect you with a support system for that dream because we want to see you succeed. Not bad for an "Arizona clothes website", huh? 

arizona clothes website

How You Can Be a Part of Our Community?

When you wear Arizona clothing from State Forty Eight, you’re doing more than expressing your sense of pride in your state. You’re making a statement that you’re a part of a community that’s bigger than yourself and that you’re a part of making Arizona a better place. 

More than an Arizona Clothes Website

We hope that when people see your State Forty Eight clothing, they’ll see you as someone who is part of their community, not just a fellow Arizona resident. 
We also invite you to become even more of a part of our community by joining our events. You can watch the events portion of our website or look for what we have planned in the future on our FaceBook and our State Forty Eight Foundation Instagram pages.